Perform at Spire Leeds Hospital in local news

29 January 2015

Yorkshire Evening Post reporter, Rob Parsons, is recovering from a sports injury and had an assessment at Spire Leeds' new sports injury, rehabilitation and performance centre - Spire Leeds.

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Perform Leeds, sports injury, rehabilitation and performance centre

Perform Leeds

Spire Leeds launched ‘Perform’ – a physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sports medicine and advanced performance centre – in October 2014.

Elite medical expertise and cutting edge technology

Perform Leeds

What is Perform?

Perform is all about helping you to improve your personal health and achieve your fitness goals. We can help:

  • those with a musculoskeletal problem who need a rapid appointment
  • those recovering from illness or injury or who simply want to improve their overall health
  • professional athletes or 'weekend warriors' playing for fun who want to perform beyond all expectations 

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