“I am delighted with all your advice especially regarding the size of the implant , your care during the process, exceptionally good cosmetic outcome, fast post- surgical recovery.”



“The best hospital !!! Great care !!!”

Marcin Zuber


“Had a hernia repair at Spire yesterday and the treatment I received was excellent! I am recovering really well and I would like to say thank you to all that helped me yesterday.”

Danny Ekeledo


“This is the best hospital ever 100% for everything all the staff and the care they give u so I would recommend everybody to come here”

Michelle Skinner

Patient Story

Tummy Tuck: Faith's Story

“I now feel I have the confidence I didn't have before”


“I was very pleased with my consultations with you on 4th November. I am also pleased with my new insoles. They are far better than the ones I have been using for the last ten years! Thank you for your expertise. I wish I had known about you ten years ago, it would have saved me a lot of discomfort.”

Mrs D