Audiology clinic

We are able to offer a range of audiology services for both adults and children.

Our specialist audiology clinic

At Spire Gatwick Park Hospital we offer personalised care with our experienced Clinical Audiologist and provide a range of audiology services including: • Comprehensive hearing assessments • Custom noise protection ear plugs • Custom swim plugs • Diagnostics support for ENT consultants • Discreet and latest technology hearing aids from various hearing aid manufacturers • Expert hearing aid fitting, fine-tuning and excellent aftercare packages • Tinnitus maskers and support

We offer a demonstration and money back guarantee on all hearing aids. Consultations are free of charge when a hearing aid is purchased. Home visits are available upon request. Our Clinical Audiologist is Mr Prince Philip Punnoose. To book an appointment: Self-funding: 01293 778 906 Insured: 01293 778 919