One Stop Breast Clinic

Providing rapid access to breast care specialists.

  • Have you discovered a lump? 
  • Are you experiencing breast pain? 
  • Have you noticed a change in your skin such as dimpling or puckering?
  • Has the area around your nipple darkened? 
  • Has you nipple being drawn inward?

Noticing any change in your breast can be very distressing and any time spent waiting for a diagnosis can seem like an eternity. At our One Stop Breast Clinic, our compassionate, efficient team of specialists, work together to help diagnose the cause with minimal waiting for results.

Whatever your concern, from initial consultation to diagnosis and treatment we aim to offer continuous and seamless care to achieve the best and most effective medical care for you.

What does the clinic provide?

  • Initial consultation with the consultant of your choice
  • Expert physical examination
  • Mammogram and/or ultrasound as per consultant request
  • Same day results
  • Aspiration of cyst fluid (if required)
  • Biopsy (if required)* 

*These results will not be available on the same day, another appointment will need to be made for a later date.

Do I need a referral?

You will require a referral if you have symptoms and you should visit your GP first to discuss these and request a referral.

How much does it cost?

The One-Stop Breast Clinic is available at £500.00.

Meet our team of consultants

Call us on 01422 324 069

To find out more about our One Stop Breast Clinic or to book an appointment, contact our self-pay advisors on 01422 324 069.
Outpatient appointments are held routinely on Mondays.

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