Spire Elland Hospital patient’s thank you

09 February 2017

A former Spire Elland Hospital patient has raised more than £2,000 for the World Endometriosis Research Fund.

Jane Devine, of Whitechapel, London, raised the money to support a pioneering global research project into endometriosis, and as a thank you for the care and expertise she received from Consultant Surgeon Mr Ashwini Trehan.

Jane struggled with the debilitating condition for many years, before being referred to Mr Trehan’s clinic at the Spire Elland Hospital, a national centre for advanced endometriosis.

Endometriosis affects about two million women in the UK and is a condition where cells that usually line the womb are found elsewhere in the body. Some women do not suffer symptoms, but for others, there is constant pain.

Jane underwent a radical excision procedure and she says that the surgery has transformed her life.

Jane said: “The surgery has completely transformed my life. Endometriosis put a huge emotional and physical strain on my life. Following surgery, I can now enjoy life to the full.

“I cannot thank Mr Trehan and his team at the Spire Elland Hospital enough.”

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