Our clinics are designed to offer fast access to specialist consultants, with appointments available within two to three working days. On-site pathology and diagnostic imaging, including CT, MRI, X-ray and ultrasound, means quicker turn around of test results and diagnoses.

One stop breast clinic

About the clinic

Our one stop clinic serves a number of purposes: you may simply wish to discuss a history of breast disease in your family and get a check-up, or you might have discovered a lump or be experiencing changes in your breast and want a specialist’s opinion. Whatever your individual clinical needs, you’re right to seek professional diagnosis.

Many people who attend this clinic will find that there’s nothing wrong; in fact, many breast lumps and changes do not require treatment of any kind.

If cancer is suspected, however, because early diagnosis greatly increases the chance of successful treatment and outcome, our one stop breast clinic is designed to identify the best possible approach to treatment, which can be planned and actioned quickly.

Your GP can refer you to our breast clinic, which takes place on Thursday evenings in our onsite Breast Clinic. We aim to provide appointments within two to three working days.

Testing and treatment

At your clinic appointment you will be seen by a consultant breast surgeon who will review your medical history and examine you in the presence of a nurse. In addition to a clinical examination, further tests may be carried out to help obtain an accurate diagnosis. If necessary, you may also be seen by a specialist breast oncologist. These tests may take up to an hour and can include one or more of the following: 

Digital mammogram

This is a technique for taking breast X-rays to show the detailed structure of breast tissue. It may show early cancers of the breast that are too small to feel.


This is a painless examination of the breast using sound waves instead of X-rays.

Core biopsy

This procedure is carried out under a local anaesthetic and involves a small incision being made in the breast so that some tissue can be removed and examined.

Needle biopsy (fine needle aspiration)

This involves passing a thin needle into the breast to withdraw tissue for analysis. We aim to make a diagnosis during your first visit, but a further visit may be required.

Treatment of cysts

If a cyst is present, it is usually possible to drain it in the clinic with excellent results. If a benign (non-cancerous) lump is found, it can be removed under a general anaesthetic and an appointment can be arranged for you to return to the hospital for this surgery before you leave the clinic. 

Our clinical team

Our clinic is led by a multidisciplinary team of consultants, nurses and a counsellor. You will be seen by a consultant who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of breast disease, who will be supported by a team of clinicians across a range of services, including consultant oncologists, radiologists and pathologists.

Consultant breast surgeons

Specialist breast oncologists

All decisions and patient treatment pathways are discussed by our multidisciplinary team of experts, who will identify the most appropriate course of treatment to meet your clinical needs in accordance with the latest South East Scotland Cancer Network (SCAN) guidelines.

Our facilities

With on-site rapid access to comprehensive diagnostic, pathology and treatment facilities, your consultant can refer you quickly and simply, should further investigation, surgery or treatment be required.

Although we do not offer radiotherapy on-site, if this is identified as the best treatment option for you, or as a possible adjunct to another treatment, your Spire consultant will arrange for your radiotherapy treatment to be carried out at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.

Test results

A number of your diagnostic results will be available immediately and your consultant will talk through test findings with you and advise you on the next steps.

If tests confirm a diagnosis of breast cancer your consultant will discuss treatment options with our multi-disciplinary team of breast care specialists. If required, you may also be referred for further opinion and care to a consultant oncologist. Subsequent treatment may include one or a combination programme of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or hormone therapy. Appointments for onward referrals, diagnostics or treatment can be made before you leave the clinic.

How to access this clinic

All women attending our breast clinic must have a referral from their GP or an NHS breast screening centre. To book an appointment for our rapid access breast clinic call 0131 316 2530.

Rapid access gynaecology clinic

Your symptoms

Our gynaecology clinic is designed to provide rapid access to specialist consultants who aim to diagnose the symptoms of gynaecological cancer as quickly as possible.

If you experience untoward physical symptoms, contact your GP in the first instance for preliminary diagnosis. Typical symptoms could include:

  • undiagnosed pelvic mass
  • post-menopausal bleeding
  • unexpected bleeding
  • ulcer or lump found on vulva

Through examination your GP may choose to refer you to see a consultant gynaecologist. Whether you are medically insured or you wish to self-fund, you can request a private referral to the gynaecological clinic at Spire Murrayfield Hospital in Edinburgh.

Our clinical team

The clinic is run by Consultant Gynaecological Oncology specialist:

Dr Martin is part of a multi-disciplinary and join colleagues from nursing, oncology, pathology and counselling in providing this service. The whole team is part of the South East Scotland Cancer Network (SCAN) and all patients that have a gynaecological cancer diagnosis will have their case and treatment pathway discussed and planned at a multi-disciplinary team meeting.

Your patient journey

All patients who are referred to this clinic will benefit from fast diagnosis and speedy onward referral for further investigation, scans, test and treatment, should it be required.

How to access this clinic

All women attending our gynaecology cancer clinic require a referral letter form their GP. To book an appointment at this clinic call 0131 316 2530.

Testes Clinic

Your symptoms

Many patients who attend this clinic will be told that there’s nothing wrong; in fact, many scrotal lumps do not require treatment of any kind. If however assessment indicates that further diagnosis or treatment is required, you can access these services privately at Spire Murrayfield Hospital simply and quickly.

If you find anything unusual or have any concerns regarding your testicular health you should consult your GP in the first instance to find out more information. Typical symptoms include:

  • scrotal swelling
  • testicular pain
  • testicular lumps

In these instances, report anything that looks or feels different to your GP as soon as possible. If they decide that you should be referred for further investigation to a specialist, whether you have private medical insurance or if you wish to self-fund, you can choose to be referred privately to the one stop testes clinic at Spire Murrayfield Hospital in Edinburgh. 
All men attending our testes clinic must have a referral letter from their GP.

The clinic

Our clinic offers you diagnosis of testicular lumps and abnormalities. Prompt diagnosis means the best possible approach to treatment can be identified, planned and actioned quickly, should it be required.

During your appointment you will see the consultant urologist who will take a full medical history and carry out a physical exam. If it is necessary for you to see a specialist radiologist, this will be arranged immediately. Should further diagnostic assessment, blood or urine tests be required, our on-site diagnostic facilities and pathology laboratory mean we can refer you and return your results quickly.

Your patient journey

During your appointment with the Consultant Radiologist you will undergo an ultrasound scan; this will take about 10 minutes. The radiologist will interpret your scan and give you your results, which can then be discussed with your urologist. Your urologist may re-examine you if they think it's necessary, deliver an assessment of the findings from your scan and provide a diagnosis. They will also detail steps of treatments to be undertaken, if required.

How to access this clinic

Men who wish to attend this clinic will require a referral from their GP. To book an appointment for the one-stop testes clinic call 0131 316 2530.