UK's first bonebridge implant surgery carried out in Edinburgh

25 April 2013

UKs first bonebridge implant has been carried out by two Spire Edinburgh Murrayfield Surgeons, Mr Alex Bennett and Mr Ken Stewart. The procedure, which allows an individual with blocked ear canals to hear again, was carried out in the consultants' NHS practice. Listen to BBC Scotland Radio and updates on BBC TV news today for the full story.

Alex Bennett said of the procedure, 'I'm very very proud to be part of a team that was able to put in the UKs first bonebridge implant. I think for Brian this means that he can hear again. He had a situation where he had very blocked ear canals and small ears which meant that he wasn't able to hear properly and now he can. The real benefit of the bonebridge over and above previous types of surgery is that this implant is completely concealed underneath the skin.'

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