Murrayfield Consultant is one of UK's top facelift surgeons

29 March 2013

Spire Murrayfield Plastic Surgeon, Mr Quaba has today been named one of the UK's top facelift surgeons.

We are delighted to announce that Murrayfield's Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mr Quaba has been named as one of the country's leading facelift surgeons. The shortlist of just four Plastic Surgeons made it to 'Tatlers Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2013'. In recognition of his skill and experience in performing facial cosmetic surgery, the coveted award said of Mr Quaba, ' He uses fat and stem cell grafting for the lower face and Gore-Tex threads to reposition the brow. He’s also an ace at neck lifts to sharpen the jawline – apparently jowls are a major concern north of the border. Exceptionally thorough, he always does physical and physiological background checks on patients to make sure they are fit for surgery.' 

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