Knee and hip pain information event with Mr Ahmed

18 April 2018

Event details

Date: 18 April 2018

Time: 12.30pm-2pm

Venue: Beechwood House, Spire Murrayfield Hospital

Consultant: Mr Issaq Ahmed

Cost: Free

This free patient information event is for anyone who is considering further treatment or exploration about knee and hip joint pain. We will be joined by Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Issaq Ahmed who will present on joint pain; its causes, routes to diagnosis and treatment solutions. Conservative and surgical treatment options will be discussed. We will also have Senior Physiotherapist Kate Purcell attending to present and answer any of your questions alongside Mr Ahmed.

We're also delighted to bring you a new robot-assisted surgical solution (MAKO) which is now available at Spire Murrayfield Hospital. We are the only private hospital in Scotland to offer robot-assisted surgery, and the procedure has a proven track record in faster recovery, less post operative pain and less risk of infection.

The talk will last for around 40 minutes followed by ample opportunity to ask questions.

After the event, the customer services team will be available to book consultations if requested, however, there is no obligation to book an appointment or proceed with treatment at the hospital.

Is this event for me?

If your answer to any one of the questions below is yes, then this event is for you.

  • Do you suffer from knee joint pain and are you considering further exploration into its causes?
  • Have you had exploratory investigations carried out and require further treatment to ease your symptoms?
  • Are you looking for conservative methods to reduce pain or discomfort of joint pain?
  • Are you considering having a knee joint replacement and would like more information about the procedures available?
  • Have you heard about MAKO robot-assisted surgery and would like to know more about the benefits of this procedure?
  • Have you made the decision to have surgery privately and are considering your options of location and consultant?

How do I book?

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