Dr Thong speaks out about risks of IVF treatment abroad

08 May 2013

The Sunday Times reported last week on the risk of travelling to other countries for IVF treatment. Today, IVF Scotland Consultant Dr Joo Thong agreed with the concerns raised by Professor Cameron regarding women choosing to have IVF treatment abroad. Dr Thong recommends patients research their clinic choices thoroughly and discuss with their IVF Doctor the clinics position on multiple embryo transfers. If foreign clinics maximise their success with replacing up to three embryos, there is a higher chance of multiple pregnancy and potential pregnancy complications for the mother and baby.

The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority regulates fertility clinics in the United Kingdom and for good prognosis patients; women are offered an elective single embryo transfer. Couples seeking treatment should access their fertility clinic’s website to look up the success rate and multiple pregnancy rates.

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