Mole screening clinic

Offers a comprehensive check up to help to put your mind at rest.

Do you have freckles, skin tags, brown spots, bumps, nodules or moles? The Spire Clare Park Hospital Mole Screening Clinic offers a comprehensive check up to help to put your mind at rest.

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Facts about skin cancer

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, with more that 72,000 cases reported each year. Skin cancer is responsible for more than 2,300 deaths each year in the UK Skin cancer is mostly developed as a result of over exposure to ultraviolet light, from sunlight or sun-beds, regardless of skin type.

What does the clinic provide?

The Mole Screening Clinic at Spire Clare Park can offer you:

  • Up to an hour with a skin cancer screening specialist including a full visual check of all skin lesions
  • Expert advice on skin care and sun awareness
  • Dermoscopic imaging of lesions that require further assessment
  • Written follow up report sent to your home
  • Call back system for re-check in 3-12 months
  • Prompt referral to Dermatologist or Surgeon if required

How to book an appointment?

To find out more or to arrange an appointment, please call our Outpatient team on 01252 895 423.

How must does it cost?

Whether you are insured or not, we’re open to everyone and offer one-off private treatment with a fixed price.

Initial mole screen assessment and report: £83

If dermoscopic imaging is required, there is an additional cost:

1-5 lesions £55          Total inc mole screen assessment £138

6-10 lesions £82        Total inc mole screen assessment  £165

11-15 lesions £110     Total inc mole screen assessment £193

16+ lesions £137       Total inc mole screen assessment £220

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How to book

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