Mr Geoffrey Hutchinson

Mr Geoffrey Hutchinson

Consultant general surgeon
MB ChB (Manch), FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Edin), MD (Bristol)

Practising at

Spire Cheshire Hospital

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Treatment information

Some of the principal treatments carried out by Mr Geoffrey Hutchinson at Spire include:

General surgery

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Professional profile

I have worked as a general surgeon for more than 40 years and have been a consultant in the North West for over 30 years, starting here at Stretton, when the hospital first opened in 1988.

In the last 10 years, working as an independent private surgeon doing private and NHS contract work, I have specialised in day case surgery (nearly 100%) such as hernias of all types, haemorrhoids and fissures at the anal verge (blood from rectum), gastroscopies to investigate dyspepsia and reflux problems, ingrowing toenail problems and minor skin 'lumps and bumps'.

For inguinal hernias I employ the 'sutureless' progrip mesh repair as a day case. I also treat sportsman's hernias (Gilmores groin), with our without a Lloyd's release (day case). Haemorrhoids are a day case procedure. By using cryotherapy to freeze piles and injections of sclerosant to shrink them by fibrosis often helps, but even proper surgery for prolapsing piles can be done as a day case. If conservative measures fail the best treatment for fissures is lateral sphincterotomy as a day case which reduces the agonising pain of defecation almost immediately. I pioneered open-access gastroscopy in the 1980's (published results: BMJ 1990 (300) 374 - 6) to investigate GORD and dyspepsia. I participated in the early trials of ppi (omeprazole) in 1982 before it became prescribable in the late 1980's. I have also dedicated Thursday morning out-patient list for toe-nail problems and sebaceous cysts, lipomas and moles etc.

I have been performing inguinal hernia repairs since 1975, for more than 40 years and I have personally performed more than 5,000 hernia repairs. I also repair epigastric, umbilical and femoral hernias. I perform over 300 gastroscopies each year for diagnostic purposes. In my 2015 appraisal audit I found 4% had celiac disease (duodenal biopsy) which was well over the accepted 1% national average. I do over 120 haemorrhoid and fissure operations each year with excellent patient outcomes. I see children aged three years to eighteen years for day-case paediatric surgery, toe-nails, hernias etc.

I am trained and commissioned to supervise a LIPOTRIM slimming clinic. I am a life member of TOAST committed to improve obesity services.

My 2017 appraisal audit will be the treatment of pilonidal sinus including methods for primary closure and Z-Y plasty for complicated or recurrent sinus systems. I see many patients with problematic irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and so called 'overlap syndrome' with interstitial cystitis and chronic fatigue symptoms. I have always had an interest in immunology (MD thesio) and food intolerance and the gut-brain axis.

Clinical Interests

Bowel disease
Dermatological surgery
Gastrointestinal pathology
Gastrointestinal surgery
Hair and nail disease
Hernia repair surgery
Inflammatory bowel disease

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I wrote the NHS Choices website for diverticulitis

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Qualification and professional memberships

MB ChB / Manchester / 1974
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

FRCS / England / 1979
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England

FRCS / Edinburgh / 1979
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

MD / Bristol / 1984
Doctor of Medicine

Professional memberships

British Society for Gastroenterology
British Society for Immunology
British Hernia Surgery
European Hernia Society
Association of Surgeons of GB and Ireland

Professional leadership

Medical Advisor to Charity MEDCARE, Wellspring Children's Hospital, Uganda
Medical Advisor to National Association for Diverticular Disease (NADD) within The Bladder and Bowel Foundation

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Current NHS posts

Independent consultant general surgeon.

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Personal Profile

I was born in Warrington, ex Botler Grammar. My wife Pauline is a retired GP and we have four children, one GP, one orthopaedic surgeon, one vet and one 'mumtrepreneur' who owns Coco's play barn in Frodsham. We have six grandchildren and are hoping for more!

We are keen evangelical Christians and both Pauline and I preach in many churches in Cheshire and Lancashire. I founded, with Pauline, the Wellspring Trust (a charity for bereavement and cancer counselling) and Pauline is chairman and founder of Medcare, a charity supporting children's health and welfare in Uganda. I have worked in Uganda, with colleagues from Spire Cheshire to advise and give support to this project.

For 25 years we owned a large plantation house near the west coast of Barbados. We sold the house three years ago, but we still enjoy sailing in the Grenadines and Sunday lunch at the Sandy Lane Hotel as often as possible. We insist the grandchildren use SPF 50 sun cream!

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Private contact details

Telephone Out patient appointments - 01925 215 087
Private secretary Ms Diane Broom
Private secretary telephone 01928 740 620
Private secretary fax 01928 740 620
Private secretary email