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Driving excellence for specialist care.

At Spire Cardiff Hospital we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality specialist care - from the first moment you are in touch with us through to the completion of your treatment and aftercare. If you need specialist care, we have a number of specialist services and clinics. For further information click on the specific service or clinic below.

South Wales Heart Centre

We are proud to offer complete cardiac care at our South Wales Heart Centre at Spire Cardiff Hospital. We are the leading provider of private cardiology in Wales and work with highly skilled cardiac specialists who are at the top of their profession.

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General cardiology clinic

Bespoke diagnostic testing for heart problems.

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Cardiac surgery clinic

Expert care for even the most complex procedures.

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Palpitations clinic

Prompt access to leading arrhythmia specialists.

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Direct diagnostic clinic

Direct access to diagnostics via your GP.

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Erectile dysfunction clinic

Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of a heart condition.

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Cardiovascular risk clinic

Review your heart health with a leading specialist.

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Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence

Our Centre of Excellence provides specialist orthopaedic care in a safe environment to maximise your chance of a successful and speedy recovery. We have a wide selection of clinics that specialise in treating regions of the body and each clinic is comprised of skilled experts who have extensive knowledge of these areas.

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Back and neck pain clinic

Expert spinal care for back and neck pain.

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Foot and ankle clinic

Prompt access to leading foot & ankle experts.

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Hand and wrist clinic

Specialist care for hand and wrist pain.

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Hip clinic

Expertise in hip diagnosis and treatment.

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Knee clinic

Access to leading experts in knee pain.

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Podiatry clinic

Expert care for foot and gait conditions.

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Shoulder clinic

Diagnosis and treatment for shoulder pain.

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Sports medicine clinic

Sports related support and care for everybody.

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Surgical Lymphoedema Clinic

We understand that having lymphoedema impacts on your daily life therefore, it's essential for us to find a treatment option that suits your personal circumstances. We are very fortunate to work with Mr Amar Ghattaura, a consultant plastic surgeon who is the National Lead for Lymphoedema in Wales and the Lymphoedema Specialist team. Both Mr Ghattaura and the Lymphoedema Specialist Team have a wealth of experience through their Lymphoedema work in the NHS and are able to advise you on the best treatment option for you.

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