At Spire Cardiff Hospital we understand that looking after your appearance is important, that is why we have a clinical team specifically designed to discuss your particular needs. Our specialist team includes a cosmetic specialist nurse, consultant plastic surgeons and consultant dermatologists. We offer a complimentary 30 minute nurse consultation, where you can discuss your concerns and find out more about the treatments we provide at Spire Cardiff Hospital. 

If you would like clearer, younger looking skin, our non-surgical cosmetic treatments can potentially achieve immediately visible and long-lasting results.

It is important to understand that you do not have to undergo surgery to achieve a brighter, clearer skin or to help reduce some signs of ageing.  We offer a variety of non-surgical treatments which may help rejuvenate your skin, reduce lines and wrinkle or plump out your lips.  Even subtle changes can make a big difference to how you feel about yourself.  You can choose from a variety of treatments including dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxing injections, skin peels and treatments for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

You will always begin your treatment programme with an assessment with our cosmetic nurse specialist Ellie.  She will take time to discuss what you would like to achieve through treatments, explaining your options fully and answering any questions you may have.  If you choose to go ahead you may be able to have treatment on the same day, depending on your choice of therapy. 

Spire Cardiff Hospital offers a number of comprehensive and advanced non-surgical treatments.  These treatments are performed by either our cosmetic nurse specialist or cosmetic surgeons in our professional and relaxing surroundings. All of these treatments can help achieve natural looking results with little or no disruption to your normal schedule. 

Our non-surgical treatments:

Anti-wrinkle injections

Beautiful lips

Excessive sweating

Easy TCA peels

Mole and skin tag removal

Scar revision

You don’t have to undergo surgery to improve your appearance and reduce the signs of ageing. At Spire Cardiff Hospital, you can choose non-surgical cosmetic treatments to rejuvenate your skin, reduce wrinkles and plump up your lips. 

Even subtle changes can make a big difference to how you feel about yourself. Non-surgical procedures such as injectable fillers help to give you beautiful skin and achieve the look you want without surgery. Our highly qualified experts can even use non-surgical techniques such as injections to help combat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).

After your treatment

Injectable fillers and muscle relaxants are a non-surgical treatment, there is virtually no recovery time after treatment, meaning you can normally fit in your injections with your day-to-day activities.

Throughout the process you will discuss the look and feel that you want to achieve and the results you can realistically expect from your treatment, as well as the associated risks and alternatives to anti-wrinkle treatment injections.

If you would like to discuss in more detail the non-surgical options with our dedicated cosmetic nurse we can arrange a complementary cosmetic nurse advisor appointment for you, call our customer services on 029 2054 2509.

Common non-surgical procedures

There are a number of different types of treatment for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Common procedures include anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.

Anti-wrinkle injections 

Muscle relaxing injections use the botulinum toxin to block the nerve impulses that cause muscle contraction, leading to smoother looking skin. They are a popular temporary non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatment. Botulinum toxin can also be used in the treatment of excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis).

Dermal fillers 

Fillers (such as Restylane®) are used to plump out wrinkles and laughter lines in the face. Restylane® - made from hyaluronic acid (which naturally occurs in the skin) – is a non-surgical treatment frequently used for smile lines. Both types of anti-wrinkle injections take about 15 minutes to complete, but this can vary depending on the number of wrinkles treated. Muscle relaxants generally take effect over a week or two and last three to four months, whilst dermal fillers can last for up to a year.