Laing Bussion Awards 2017

01 December 2017

At Spire Cardiff Hospital we are delighted and extremely proud to announce that Mr Sanjeev Agarwal, orthopaedic consultant, is a finalist in the 2017 Laing Bussion Awards.

The award was based on the results of hip and knee replacement surgery undertaken by Mr Agarwal at Spire Cardiff Hospital. An audit of the results of 70 patients having hip and knee replacement surgery showed that there were no infections, no dislocations and no ‘returns to surgery’ for any patient.

The median hospital stay was two days, with most patients spending only 36 hours in hospital after surgery. These patients also provided outstanding feedback for the surgery and hospital care.

Minimising complications reduces the overall cost of healthcare, improves the outcomes and above all, gives the patients the confidence that the care they are receiving is second to none.

Mr Agawarl has said of the award “I am very happy at the recognition given to myself and Spire Cardiff Hospital for the work that we have done. We always strive to do the best for our patients and feel very happy and honoured to be nominated for this prestigious award. I am thankful to everyone at Spire Cardiff Hospital for the excellent teamwork and caring attitudes.

The results have all been possible through meticulous attention to detail, skillful operations and a caring, competent team to look after each and every patient.

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