Hearing you loud and clear at Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital

07 February 2017

Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital is hosting a group of experts who help individuals access services and solutions bespoke to their hearing needs. Audiological Specialist Care is led by Eldré Beukes and Rachel Knappett along with Prof David Baguley, a professor of hearing sciences. The team will be helping individuals with their hearing needs and providing a management service that is bespoke to them.

As Rachel Knappett, explains:
"No two people, young or old, cope with hearing loss or tinnitus the same- so there is no one solution to fit all. We have the expertise to address all the multiple problems patients experience and find solutions through counselling, technology, relaxation and psychological therapy. You do not need a GP’s referral to come and see us if you have a concern about your hearing.".

Read the full article published in Cambridge News here.

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