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Spire takes the prize at industry awards

24 June 2015

Spire Healthcare Group plc, which Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital is a part of, was named Hospital Group of the Year for the second year running at the 2015 HealthInvestor Awards on 10th June.

Ebola information for Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital patients

31 October 2014

Ebola is a form of viral haemorrhagic fever (VHF). VHFs are severe and life-threatening viral diseases that have been reported in parts of Africa, South America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. VHFs are of particular public health importance because they can spread easily within a hospital setting.

Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital’s investment continues

21 February 2014

Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital has invested significantly over the last 7 years in the latest innovations, technologies and equipment to be able to provide patients with the highest quality in treatments available privately in the region. The hospital attracts patients from across the UK and overseas.

Displaying 10 of 30 results
Displaying 10 of 30 results