Critical Care Unit

Spire Bristol Hospital's Intensive Care Unit (ITU) and a High Dependency Unit (HDU)

The Intensive Care Unit (ITU) and The High Dependency Unit (HDU) both provide a first class level of care for patients having undergone major surgery and require the highest level of technical and nursing care with the support of specialist equipment and medication. Our patients who experience ITU will have their own dedicated nurse as well as daily visits by a variety of consulting doctors and other healthcare professionals who will supervise their overall care.

Visiting a friend or relative in critical care.

The importance of family and friend is recognised and encouraged, we have open visiting hours although we cannot accommodate relatives overnight and would ask you to respect the rule of a maximum of two visitors per bed. When arriving at the unit please ensures you seek permission so as to ensure privacy and dignity of all our patients. Please feel free to phone us at any time, day or night.

Moving on from critical care

On leaving critical care unit the patient will continue to be assessed by the outreach team on a daily basis.

For more information on the Critical Care Network in Bristol