Sandra Robinson

Theatre careers
Sandra Robinson talks about being a Staff Nurse in Theatres at Spire Manchester Hospital

"I have just qualified as an Advanced Scrub Practitioner, a course that was funded by Spire"

“I have worked at Spire Manchester Hospital for 6 years now. Previously I worked at another private hospital. I’ve always worked in theatres, for 30 years now.

"I have always done a wide variety of specialties but more recently my role has changed to be predominantly Orthopaedics. I have additional responsibilities to do the orthopaedic ordering and ensuring all the different kits are ready for the consultants. I still get involved with the other specialities. Before I came here I had never done Bariatrics, and that is a skill I’ve learnt while I’ve been here. It’s good to be able to learn more specialities, because after you’ve learnt them you never lose the skill.

"One of the main things I enjoy about working at Spire is the variety – it makes the day more interesting. The variety means that you never stop learning. I’m really motivated to keep learning new skills, so it suits me. Since I’ve been here every course I’ve wanted to go on, I’ve been allowed to do. I’m always keen to learn and add to my professional profile, and working here has allowed me to do that.

"I have just qualified as an Advanced Scrub Practitioner, a course that was funded by Spire.  This means I can competently assist the surgeon with more complex duties, anticipate the surgeon’s needs, and generally be more accountable. I had previously done a structured in-house course within Spire, but this ASP qualification is externally recognised so it adds a lot to my personal development. I had lots of support while doing the course. I had a clinical mentor and supervisor helping me with the practical side of the course and a surgeon signed off my written work.

"The main difference working here is that it is smaller and more compact. I like this because it means you get to know your colleagues better. We also have lots of long serving staff who’ve worked together for years, so people know each other and the hospital really well. Like any team we have our good days and our bad days, but everyone always works together and strives to improve. It can be stressful at times working in theatres, your brain is working all the time! I’m never afraid to speak up though if I need any support or if I have something to add, my manager’s door is always open."