Rosy Bell

Diagnostic Imaging careers
Rosy Bell talks about being the Radiology Manager at the Spire Portsmouth Hospital.

"I endeavour to be honest with my team, and as much as possible involve them in the decision making process."

"I started working here in 1986 doing a fixed term maternity cover job, eventually becoming a permanent member of staff in 1987. Before joining Spire (BUPA as it was then known) I worked as a radiographer in the NHS, in a busy general hospital with an A&E department.

Currently I am the Radiology Manager responsible for the whole department: MRI, CT, General x-ray, Mammography and ultrasound.  I have a staff of 23 including the admin staff, most of which are part time.

It is very hard to say what the most rewarding part of my role is as every day is different. On days when it is clinical the most rewarding thing is seeing my patients have a pleasant experience, making them smile even when the news is not necessarily the best.  When doing management tasks one day it could be meeting the financial targets and the next positive feedback from a consultant.  A continual thread through every day is the team - watching them grow and develop and enjoy their job so that they get a feeling of satisfaction.

Thanks to the Hospital I became a qualified Mammographer and then a manager developing many different management skills.  The most rewarding of these has been developing the staff. One young lady who started as a receptionist came to work for me as a radiography helper and within the hospital went on to become an assistant practitioner and then after 2 years of that decided to become a fully qualified radiographer.  The other was a lady who came to work as a cleaner in theatre who came to work for me as a radiology helper  and I have watched her grow in skill and confidence tackling  increasingly complex IT skills and assisting at complex clinical procedures. The whole team have a ‘can do’ attitude and take a pride in providing a great service irrespective of the obstacles. I endeavour to be honest with my team, and as much as possible involve them in the decision making process whether it is solving a problem (even if we end up with 22 solutions!) or planning the future.  I encourage them to take ownership of their ideas and run with it.

I always try to look for a team player which probably applies to all managers but I want someone who expresses a desire to care for people not only the patients but each other and the consultants.  If you were to ask my team they would say I only have 2 essentials for my staff and that is that they must have a sense of humour and be able to make coffee, the rest we can teach them.  This is of course not strictly true I do have other essentials.  LOL!"