Lisa Murphy

Administration and Support roles
Lisa Murphy is an NHS Patient Adviser at the Spire Fylde Coast Hospital in Blackpool.

“If I can go above and beyond and chase up results, speak to GP’s regarding referrals for any pre op tests and get the patient seen sooner rather than later it is very rewarding”

"I have been at Spire over 4 years. Before Joining Spire I worked as a Hotel Receptionist.

I currently work mainly within the NHS Bariatric contract, the patients I deal with are followed up for two years so I get familiar with the patients as I see them at clinic up to 2 years post op. I deal with additional funding requests direct with PCT’s, this is a specialised service so anything other than a main procedure has to be requested and authorised by the PCT prior to it being carried out. 

I book on and arrange new patient clinics and follow up clinics. I put the charges on for the clinic visits so the relevant PCT’s will be billed. I have to create monthly reports to send to the commissioners so that they can track the number of patients that are referred, if they are within the criteria for funding and the surgery/ complications.

I have to have a good knowledge of the NHS contracts as some breaches can result in fines.
I also work with the other NHS contracts for all other GP referred specialities, again I receive the GP referrals these either come via fax, email or choose and book where the GP’s can book appointments direct. All referrals have to be registered a correct contract plan will need to be added (to make sure the correct PCT is billed) and made up into files prior to clinic. After the initial consultation the file will come back to the NHS desk and will be managed depending on the outcome. There are many other tasks and processes within my role which are carried out on a weekly basis.

At the moment working with the bariatric patients can be extremely rewarding as part of the funding process some patients are waiting a long time before they get referred to the hospital, if I can go above and beyond and chase up results, speak to GP’s regarding referrals for any pre op tests and get the patient seen sooner rather than later it is very rewarding.

Since working at Spire my clinical knowledge has improved. Before I worked at Fylde Coast I had only ever been a visitor in a hospital so to go from having no idea what any procedures were to what I know now is great. I feel like my organisation skills, management of tasks and projects have improved. I have completed courses on medical terminology , customer service NVQ’s, system training so I have developed in many areas.

I think organising/ changing clinics can be very challenging trying to make sure we have rooms, staff and patients to fill the clinics on the designated days. I have found some of the contracts quite a challenge to recognise the terminology and where to find things if a problem arises. With bariatrics it is specialised services so not everything has an NHS tariff price so it is sometimes difficult when a procedure we have not come across before has to be approved.

I think we have good variety in our team, I wouldn’t say my team is just within a department I think the hospital as a whole are a team"