Jo Parkinson

Non Clinical Management Careers
Jo Parkinson is the Outpatients Administration Manager at Spire Manchester Hospital.

“I attended an internal management fundamentals course which proved to be instrumental in securing my current position”

"Before joining Spire I helped run a family owed business which I found exciting, rewarding and at times extremely challenging.  After approximately 12 months at the Spire Manchester Hospital as a Customer Service Advisor I progressed to Team Leader. I was encouraged by my Manager Andrea Hares to undertake an NVQ in team leadership and was put forward for various workshops to enhance my training. I attended an internal management fundamentals course which proved to be instrumental in securing my current position. Currently I manage the administration team for Outpatient bookings and Radiology. The role requires a commitment to ensure we provide a professional effective positive work culture.

I have seen the department progress over the last 12 months. All be it we have faced some challenging times, to see our goals start to evolve has been very rewarding.
The culture in my team is engaged and focused with the autonomy to make informed choices. The team understand the rationale around the decisions we make as managers. There is mutual respect within the department and staff who behave respectfully towards each other, value each other’s views and opinions, working in teams where all ideas are welcomed.

The team needs to be motivated and appropriately supported, but at the same time encouraging self-motivation. We are continually striving to improve results for our customers and to do this the team have to remain focused with clear performance expectations which are realistic and achievable. Good communication within the team is also vital and providing a platform to acknowledge people’s opinion as to how we can improve our services keeps the team focused. To provide the opportunity for development and support to those within the team who want to progress is vital, but at the same time team members who have a high level of commitment to the department are still valued for the continued contribution to the business."