Blood testing helps to bridge the gap between the theory and reality of what’s happening in the body. Professional athletes’ bodies are different from those of the population as a whole. As a result, a particular blood test for an athlete may produce an “abnormal” result, which would not appear in a non-professional sportsperson.

Blood tests help provide evidence of:

  • Over or under training
  • Carrying an undisclosed injury
  • Inappropriate diet and nutrition
  • Carrying undisclosed viruses affecting performance
  • Recreational activities impacting peak fitness

Applying this scientific approach to understanding what’s happening in the body of the athlete can help athletes to become faster, stronger and more flexible. This helps to build their muscular endurance so they perform better and reduces the risk of injuries. We have one of the UK’s largest networks of independent pathology laboratories and perform in excess of 1.5 million tests a year for Spire Healthcare hospitals, professional sports clubs/athletes, private healthcare and NHS. Our clients include Premier League football clubs and The Football Association.

What tests are available?

Our range of tests includes:


  • Health & Well-being Profile £45 per player

This would have a turn-around of 24 hours FBC, U & Es, LFTs (Liver Function Tests), Bone Profile, Lipids (includes Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL and LDL), Creatine Kinase, Iron, Ferritin, Glucose, Vitamin D, CRP.


  • Nutritional Profile £120 per player

This would include Profile 1 and the following parameters – additional parameters would have a TAT of 7 days. Health & Well-being Profile PLUS: Vitamin B12, Folate, Red Cell Folate, Magnesium, Red cell magnesium, Selenium, Zinc


  • Hormonal Profile 50 per player

TAT 24 hours Thyroid profile (includes TSH and FT4), Testosterone, Cortisol


  • Fatty Acid Profile £120 player

TAT 7 days - Omega 3/6 ratio


  • Serology Screen £40 per player

TAT 24 hours - Hep B – surface antigens, Hep C, HIV


  • Sexual Health Screen £15 per player

TAT 24 hours - Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea – urine test


Additional tests are available including but not exclusive to: Sickle cell, ESR, Allergy screening To discuss bespoke analytical packages and interpretation of results please contact Perform at St. George’s Park. Pathology services can also be coordinated with any cardiac screening requirements.

To book your own bespoke pathology testing package please call the team on 01283 576 333 or email for more details.