Endurance Testing

Comprehensive analysis and assessment of endurance to help increase performance

We offer a comprehensive analysis and assessment of endurance to help increase performance for individual athletes and teams across cycling, triathlon, running and Ironman.

Our extensive range of tests include:

Exercise Performance Assessment - Aerobic profiling for measures of lactate threshold, economy and VO2 max; providing heart rate and power metrics to accurately define intensity zones and guide training plans.

Sweat Sodium Assessment - A measure of an individual's sweat sodium concentration to allow for the creation of athlete specific hydration strategies.

Biomarker and Pathology Assessments - Blood analysis performed at key times in the year provides key information relating to the physical status of an athlete; highlighting markers of potential illness, over training and nutritional deficiencies.

Functional Movement Capability - Important information relating to injury prevention is recorded from the assessment of an athlete's functional movement capability, as shortfalls in these areas are common when performing high volume endurance training.

Body Composition - Accurate measurement of body composition performed by accredited anthropometrists (ISAK) to provide measures of body type and levels of adipose tissue.

Recovery Facilities - We have a number of facilities to speed the recovery process, including hydrotherapy suite with underwater treadmill, variable depth and hot/cold plunge pools.


All testing takes place in our Human Performance Lab which along with all of our Sports Science staff are BASES accredited. Testing packages start from £120 and are available to individuals and teams of any ability.

To book your tailored endurance assessment package and take the first step towards reaching a new level of performance, contact the Perform team on 01283 576 333 or email