Sports and exercise medicine

We offer the opportunity to book a consultation with a Specialist in Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM)

Our SEM doctors specialists in the management of exercise prescription, the treatment and prevention of medical conditions through exercise and the treatment of musculo-skeletal (muscle, bone and joint) injuries, returning people from injury to activity, whether they are elite sportspeople, recreational athletes or just injured people who wish to recover good day to day physical function.

An SEM specialist can refer for scans, x-rays, blood tests and other investigations and advise on which of these are most appropriate. They can help to make a difficult diagnosis or co-ordinate a combination of treatments, such as injection therapy, physiotherapy and medication. They are usually skilled in musculo-skeletal injection techniques, including direct and ultrasound guided injections and can advise on when these are indicated.

Initial assessment
£225 per hour

Follow up assessment
£120 per half hour/ £225 per hour

Injection or aspiration
£175 per treatment

For more information, please contact the Perform team at St. George’s Park on 01283 576 333 or email