Gait lab running analysis

Running mechanics assessment

Have you ever wanted to improve your running technique, or struggling with reoccuring injuries whilst running?  Perform at St. George’s Park; home of the England football teams at the National Football Centre may be able to provide a solution.

The Gait Lab is a running assessment which utilises an array of tools and expertise to best analyse your running technique. The Gait Lab is beneficial to those who would like to address and enhance their running ability; whether an elite athlete, or you just like to run in your spare time, a gait analysis can help you identify how to improve your performance, prevent injuries and manage existing injuries in order to maximise your potential.

Using pressure feedback software and kinematic assessment our team are able to provide a rounded view of musculoskeletal dysfunctions which may attribute to your running related issues. Whilst running on the treadmill, Perform’s physiotherapists will analyse your kinematic movement patterns, and then identify any potential deficits, asymmetries or imbalances to your running technique. Where necessary, the physiotherapy team will then be able to provide a comprehensive rehabilitation programme addressing any of the movement incompetence’s that may be present.

Assessments are undertaken by Perform Physios Jake Austin and Harvey Maguire. Jake is an England U21 Physiotherapist and has post graduate qualifications in Strength & Conditioning, while Harvey has previously worked with The FA, GB Skiing and Snowboarding, as well as British Athletics.

This type of assessment is ideal for all types of runners and inclusive to all disciplines, especially to those taking part in athletics, triathlons or obstacle runs and is available to both teams and individuals.

What is the cost?

Gait Lab assessments cost £120 per person.

For more information about The Gait Lab at the Perform physio clinic, please contact the team on 01283 576333 or email