Clinical Pilates

Physiotherapy and pilates combined for recovery from injury or surgery

Here at St. George's Park, our expert physiotherapists conduct Clinical Pilates sessions to help those recovering from injury or surgery, suffering from general aches and pains, or just looking to improve their flexibility and mobility.

Pilates can be a great way of helping to reduce joint pain and instability and our specialist physiotherapists will help you train your muscles to support your body more efficiently. Pilates is also a very effective way of helping to build up a greater resistance to injury and can help to correct poor mechanics and posture which may be the underlying cause of pain.

Relaxation and stress management are further benefits of taking part in Clinical Pilates, helping to clear and focus the mind which can lead to an enhanced feeling of physical and mental wellbeing.

The Clinical Pilates services offered at St. George's Park are as follows:

Pilates Class - Every Thursday

Thursday - 18:30 - 19:30 & 19.30 - 20.30

Group classes are £5 each.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are charged at £50 per hour.

For more information about Pilates at the Perform physio clinic, please contact the Perform team on 01283 576333 or email

Meet our Pilates expert

Beth Langley Physiotherapist Beth graduated from Keele University with a first class honours degree and has experience in both NHS & private musculoskeletal outpatients. Beth has competed for Equestrian Team GBR for seven years and has always incorporated pilates into her training regime. She has seen the benefits of pilates in her own performance and is therefore passionate about introducing it to those working in elite sport or clients returning to normal function following an injury to help them perform and recover better. Beth has trained as a level two class instructor with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute which specialises in targeting pathology, normal movement patterns and neuromuscular timing, all of which are key in helping people with an injury or aiding athletes to excel in their chosen sport.