“My residential rehabilitation at Perform at St. George’s Park was following a surgical dislocation and reconstruction of my hip. I can safely say that all my expectations were exceeded. The professionalism and positivity shown by all the members of the Perform team created a truly rst-class environment, and the facilities were simply outstanding.

Through a close dialogue with Paul Williamson and his team of physiotherapists, my programme was shaped and altered throughout the week as and when we discovered areas and exercises my hip responded particularly well to. I enjoyed this interaction and the open-minded attitude towards creating a tailored programme that worked for me and my speci c condition.

I can only give Perform my highest recommendations and feel it would be extremely bene cial for anyone recovering from an injury/ operation to spend time here, irrespective of age, tness level and occupation. I have no doubt that my stay here will greatly reduce my overall recovery period.” 

The Patient

Christian Fallesen, a trader living in Monaco, travelled to Perform at St. George’s Park for an eight-day period of accelerated recovery following a surgical dislocation and reconstruction of his hip. 

First stage treatment

Christian arrived at Perform at St. George’s Park four days following complex surgery on his left hip by Professor Damien Griffin. He suffered swelling related discomfort when moving only. The patient was required to use two elbow crutches to help him walk for six weeks after surgery.

Christian made significant progress during the rst week of treatment, aimed at reducing the swelling which had an excellent outcome on reducing hip discomfort and increased range of movement. A vast amount of time was spent on rehabilitation in the water that proved to be a fantastic medium for Christian to re-educate his walking (gait pattern), and start early strengthening in an unloaded (weight-free) status. Christian was given a programme of exercises to follow once he returned home, including spending as much time in the water as possible to maintain the level of movement achieved at Perform. 

Second stage treatment

Christian returned to Perform six weeks later in August 2014 for a second period of accelerated recovery when off his crutches and able to bear
his weight fully. During assessment, Paul noted 
a deficiency in gluteal (buttocks) activation and strength creating a dramatic effect upon the way he walked (his gait pattern). Christian had a signi cant lean to the left when standing. This was highlighted within the assessment on both the 10-metre walk and the treadmill. Paul worked specifically on using and strengthening the buttocks muscles to help correct this.

Christian’s walking pattern made excellent progress over this five-day period of treatment. Christian
still displayed a left lean when standing but much less than earlier in this week – this reduced from a 71% shift of his weight to the right down to 55%. Christian became aware of where his centre of mass and weight distribution lies, and was able to alter this to ensure he created balance between limbs.

Rehabilitation was partly spent in the water in the Hydrotherapy Suite to generate quality movement patterns, without having the pressure of weight bearing. This was complemented with gym-based exercises to generate strength and overall conditioning to improve fitness. Paul provided Christian with rehabilitation exercises, plus strength and conditioning films (via Dartfish software available to view on phone, tablet or computer) so Christian could continue to work on his rehabilitation at home.