Your health needs to be in good shape to cope with the demands of modern day business and life. At Perform, we can give you a thorough health MOT – looking under the bonnet to understand how your body is really coping with stress, travel, long hours and general life. Importantly we can give you the tools and advice to make small differences that will make big changes in your everyday performance. If you’re a business executive, you need to know your business numbers – it’s the same with knowing your health numbers.

Perform for Life is a state-of-the-art wellbeing assessment programme designed to give individuals a complete assessment of their health and lifestyle. The programme takes our learnings from working with elite sports teams and athletes to deliver the marginal gains which will give you the cutting edge in the boardroom.

We ask key questions and show you the evidence behind your quality of sleep, energy levels, immune system, concentration levels, heart health and fitness levels. You will have access to world-leading technology and our interdisciplinary team of specialist clinicians, sports and exercise medics, to really get beneath the skin of your everyday performance. Our specialists will analyse your results and work with you to provide the advice you need to achieve your goals.

Perform for Life requires you to wear a lifestyle monitor for a week prior to your half-day appointment. You can make an appointment to attend either our Perform site at St. George’s Park, the Midlands-based national football centre, or the Centre for Health and Human Performance on Harley Street. The assessment includes:


  • One-to-one consultation with a doctor who specialises in exercise, health and wellbeing before and after the assessment including medical history check, thyroid checks, urine analysis and blood sampling.

  • Firstbeat 7-day lifestyle monitoring of sleep quality and daily stresses. Sleep is fundamental for recovery to ensure optimum performance.

  • Detailed nutrition consultation – how you fuel your body to ensure you achieve a healthy balanced diet and maximise energy levels and brain function.

  • In-depth heart analysis – both an ECHO and ECG scan with our specialist Cardiac Physiologist providing a thorough insight into how your heart is functioning at rest and during exercise.

  • Personal action plan combined with a remote support infrastructure from the Perform team after 1, 3 and 6 month periods who will support you in meeting your wellbeing goals.


You can also rest assured with our seamless access to Spire Healthcare’s 38 hospitals across the UK should you require any further investigations.



St. George’s Park, Midlands          £1490 ex VAT

Enquire now or call the Perform team on 01283 576333.