Facility hire

The Perform facilities at St. George's Park are open to use for clubs from all sports. Teams are able to use the facilities for either a full day or half day and can access all areas of the 25,000 square foot sports medicine complex.

Visiting teams from football, rugby and cricket have all trained with us at St. Georges Park, some as part of their pre-season programme, others as a mid-season break. Many teams have stayed at the hotel and trained at Perform when visiting the Midlands for fixtures in the area or travelling through to games in the North or South of the country. Every visit can be tailored to the needs of the visiting team and we can also add in clinical expertise from Perform's specialist staff if required during the visit.

The below areas are accessible to teams that hire our facilities.

Human performance lab

  • used for testing and analysis
  • pre-season and mid-season testing using the equipment
  • tests include: VO2 Max, jump tests, Functional Movement Screening, Y-Balance, blood testing, body composition and isokinetics (strength testing)
  • altitude chamber – up to 5000m
  • Alter-G Anti-Gravity treadmill – great for rehab
  • 24-person training room situated next door to the lab.

Strength & conditioning gym

  • 4 Olympic lifting platforms
  • squad spin bike area
  • large free weights and plate loaded areas
  • latest technology equipment.

Rehabilitation gym

  • fantastic space, designed to inspire players/patients to get back to fitness
  • sprung floor/wooden floor
  • yoga/Pilates area
  • reaction section with Batak Board, Quick Boards and FitLight.

Hydrotherapy suite

  • variable depth pool– adjustable floor which allows physiotherapists to choose the depth that they wish to work at and also ideal when dealing with younger squads
  • aqua jogging suits and belts
  • hot/cold contrast  bathing pools – cold section = 10 degrees / hot section = 36 degrees – fantastic for recovery after intense exercise
  • underwater treadmill – one of only seven in the UK. Only one that is open and available to everyone - fantastic for rehab and fitness. 


Five private rooms with open plan areas that can be sectioned off for individual team use.