I recently had major surgery at Spire Wellesley Hospital and I would highly recommend my surgeon Mr Kalkur; he is very easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable, friendly, approachable, understanding and a fantastic surgeon. From the first consultation he really put me at ease, which is so important when you feel vulnerable and a bit embarrassed.

Mr Kalkur was amazing, his knowledge about the menopause and gynaecology issues made me feel so secure and safe and put my mind at rest from the very first consultation. He insists that you as the patient receive a first class service and you really can feel how he cares, he has real empathy and kindness. He goes above and beyond to ensure that you fully understand everything that is happening and why, and what your options are. I always felt comfortable and never felt rushed or pressured.

Once I received my results I met with Mr Kalkur, and we discussed over a period of time, the options available to me and what the various outcomes and journeys would be for each option. I made the decision to have a full laparoscopic hysterectomy, followed by a HRT programme, tailored to me and my personal circumstances and needs.

I was extremely nervous, but from the moment that I walked into the hospital reception and was collected to go to my room, I felt cared for and at ease. The nurses were so wonderful, full of empathy and kindness.

My room was nice and private which was perfect, and was also a bonus for my family and friends when they visited with lots of flowers.

Although the last thing I thought about was eating, I have to say the food was so good, and this one simple thing has helped with my recovery and rebuilding my strength.

Mr Kalkur is a fantastic surgeon and my surgery at the Spire Wellesley went so well. He came to see me every day, ensuring that I was happy and recovering well, and that I was receiving the best care.

It has been two months since my hysterectomy, and I can honestly say that Mr Kalkur has helped to improve the quality of my life. I feel so much better already and so lucky to have had him as my consultant and surgeon.

Following my surgery I have had two physiotherapy appointments with more to come, which I wasn't expecting after a hysterectomy, but has been a great support, and has helped me to understand my recovery and how to get the best out of my body following surgery for a happy and healthy future.

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