Anyone suffering from a debilitating eye condition will understand the impact visual impairment has on the quality of both your personal and professional life.

When Mr Brian Clarke, an avid follower of Macclesfield Rugby Union Football Club, underwent an Iridotomy in 1985 which is a surgical treatment performed on the eye’s iris when a person has suffered angle closure glaucoma. He then subsequently had to change his glasses every year due to deterioration caused by diabetes; he embarked on years of procedures and symptoms that affected the enjoyment of many interests in his life.

Today, the successful insertion of Sulcoflex ‘Piggyback’ Lenses into Mr Clarke’s eyes means that not only can he view life around him more clearly; he can once again fully enjoy his beloved rugby team.

The procedure

Spire Regency Hospital, Macclesfield is established as a leading Cheshire hospital with an excellent reputation for its ophthalmology practice. After suffering for years with his eyes, Mr Clarke was referred to consultant Mr Say Aun Quah for cataract treatment in 2012, a treatment that improved his overall vision but Mr Clarke continued to experience difficulties when driving and shortsightedness when reading, despite wearing glasses

Having had a positive and successful experience with his cataract surgery and other operations at Spire Regency, when a friend advised him about the Piggyback Lens, Mr Clarke made an appointment to discuss his options of having the lens procedure with Mr Quah.

Admitted as a day patient, the Piggyback Lens procedure could not have been smoother, the entire procedure took approximately 20 minutes.

Mr Clarke says, “Anyone considering this procedure must not worry as in my experience, what was thought to be a harrowing experience actually turned out to be the complete opposite. My fears were unfounded and the procedure was pain-free. I’m absolutely delighted with the results.”

The results

Piggyback Lenses have improved Mr Clarke’s quality of life measurably:

  • Whilst driving, distant road signs now appear clearly from afar, and in-car dials and instruments appear much sharper.
  • At home, watching television and films, and reading close-up information on and off screen, has become less frustrating and more relaxing.
  • As a dedicated supporter of his local rugby team, Mr Clarke can now happily attend matches and watch play with more ease, with the ability to identify individual players on the pitch.

Piggyback Lenses at Spire Regency, Macclesfield

Patient experience and feedback for Spire Regency Hospital is strongly positive. In keeping with our reputation for excellent service, Mr Clarke’s account of his Piggyback Lens procedure from initial enquiry to post-operative care, clearly conveys our high professional standard:

“The locality and ease of access of the hospital just on my doorstep makes the whole experience better. The efficient service of the appointments: swift to happen and keeping to time, often exceeding expectations in terms of duration. From the moment I entered the building at reception, nervous and apprehensive, the staff put me totally at ease and guided me through every step of the way and I could find no fault in the whole process.”

Spire Regency, Macclesfield offers specialist ophthalmology care in Cheshire and welcomes any enquiries about the Piggyback Lens procedure. For more information about the Sulcoflex ‘Piggyback’ Lens, please contact 01625 505412; alternatively, ophthalmology information is available on the Spire Regency website.

What our patients say