After having surgery to have PIP implants removed, Hannah, 32 from Liverpool felt that she would never go through with any form of cosmetic procedure again. Hannah told us “Thankfully the company that I had my first breast augmentation with removed the PIP implants but they wouldn’t replace them, it was such a terrible time for me. Being a mum of one, you think about the worst case scenario, potentially not being here for my son, so I didn’t hesitate in having them removed. I was so concerned about my health I jumped at the opportunity to have them taken out but not having them replaced had a real impact on me I felt I had been left scarred for life, I felt completely let down by the industry. My confidence suffered which in turn affected my relationship with my partner it was just a really awful time.”

“I started researching and speaking to people who had also had breast surgery and I came across Mr Chandrashekar. So many women told me they were happy with the outcome of their breast surgery with him so I started to research his work further. It took me about three years but I eventually came to see him here at Spire Liverpool Hospital. The process was so professional and supportive here, my first consultation was with him and he was with me every step of the way. One thing I will say helped me come to the decision to have the corrective surgery was the new computer software Crisalix. The 3D imaging technology helps you to get an idea of what you can achieve in terms of size and shape which made me more confident in making the final decision”.

“Now after surgery, I’m absolutely over the moon, the work Mr Chandrashekar has done is amazing, I would recommend him to anyone as well as the hospital. From beginning to end, everyone has been so supportive, if I ever had to have any surgery again Spire Liverpool Hospital would definitely be my first choice”.

Consultant Oncoplastic-Breast Surgeon Mr Mysore Chandrashekar, also based at the Linda McCartney Centre said “before innovations like Crisalix, we were only able to show patients’ pictures of other ladies with similar body types to demonstrate what theirs might look like, but it didn’t paint an exact picture. It was difficult to portray just how patients might look following surgery and therefore a degree of uncertainty always remained”.

“Crisalix allows patients to see the effects of breast augmentation on their own bodies. It means they can make a better informed decision and feel more assured in their choice to progress to surgery, if that is what they decide to do”.

“I have had fantastic, positive feedback from patients who have used this technology and there also seems to be a marked increase in confidence amongst my patients that they have chosen the right implant for them, which is the most important thing at the end of the day.”


What our patients say