Deborah's Story

Deborah Middleton-Truman, 51, lived in Spain for 18 years. From 2007 to 2013 she has had various cosmetic procedures at Spire Leeds Hospital, for the past four years under the care of Mr Mark Liddington.

Whilst living abroad Deborah would come back to the UK and stay in a hotel. Last year she moved back to the UK and lives in Yorkshire. She shares her experience with us:

"It started when I saw myself in a wedding photo and I was shocked. I couldn’t believe how old I looked - much older than my age. I put it down to years of sun damage. When I saw myself in the photos I decided to do something about it!

I had my first procedure in 2007 - eyelid surgery and nose reshaping surgery under the care of Mr Andrew Batchelor, now retired.

I was happy with the results and later decided to have more procedures done. Having worked previously in the world of medical recruitment, I knew what criteria and credentials to look for in a doctor.  After doing extensive research I chose Mark Liddington, consultant plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon at Spire Leeds Hospital. This is the ‘crème de la crème’ of private hospitals with the very best doctors. I was impressed by his credentials, and experience and found the Spire Leeds Hospital’s website to be very informative.

When I met Mr Liddington at the first consultation I had a long list of questions for him. He immediately put me at ease and gave me a good understanding of what to expect during the procedure and the recovery process. I felt extremely confident about going ahead with the surgery. We tend to think of surgeons as superhuman and yet we want to feel that they are on the same wavelength as us. He was professional and yet down to earth as well.

In 2009, I had a facelift and breast uplift surgery under the care of Mark Liddington.

The hospital was very modern and provided a relaxing environment and I cannot praise Mr Liddington and the nursing staff highly enough for the wonderful care and attention to detail. The bandages were removed the morning after surgery. Initially there was no swelling or bruising. After 48 hours my face swelled however one week later I was fine. The recovery time was quicker than I had expected and I looked fantastic It took 10 years off me. I was also very pleased with the results of my breast uplift. 

After a two night stay at the hospital I stayed in a hotel, as I was visiting from my home in Spain and was able to fly home after five days. I returned two weeks later for the stitches to be removed.

I was delighted with the results. It wakens up your face. I did not look tired any more,

I returned to Spire in February 2013 for a brow lift with Mark Liddington. One of my eyes was looking droopy and I had excess skin above the eyelid. The brow lift got rid of lines on my forehead and lifted my eyes. I didn’t have any bruising. I had a constant headache for four weeks and bruising but it eventually eased and I now feel great. The result is a very natural look with no tightness or pulling. Nobody can tell you have had cosmetic surgery you just look ten years younger. I was able to wear my hair up after four weeks. I now keep covered up in the sun and wear high factor sun cream and a hat.

My husband and friends say I look fabulous. It’s given me a huge confidence boost, which affects every aspect of my life.  I have no plans for further surgery yet but time will tell

I would recommend Mark Liddington two hundred percent to anyone considering a cosmetic procedure".

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