A 33-year-old woman from Macclesfield who received IVF treatment from the fertility clinic at Spire Regency Hospital opens up after her experience now her baby daughter is 14 weeks old

"We began treatment at Spire Regency Hospital in November 2012 after visiting other fertility providers and not having any luck but also not feeling like we particularly gelled with the fertility team.

Our experience at The Regency was completely different from start to finish. Mr Edi-Osagie and his team are amazing and we cannot fault them. They were patient, understanding and always there for us. Even at night time whilst performing injections and also to ask everyday questions at any time of the night or day, there was someone to help and we felt totally at ease calling them at any time.

 When we started our treatment with Mr Edi-Osagie at The Spire Regency we were very stressed out. We had a five-year-old son and had been trying for a second baby for a few years unsuccessfully. This is called secondary infertility.

 We started on IVF treatment in January 2013 and the whole process went smoothly and I fell pregnant straight away. We were so delighted. We chose to keep the IVF and fertility appointments a secret from our friends and family, again to minimise stress and it worked.

Fertility treatment with the Spire Regency Hospital was outstanding with the best end result possible. The fertility team were 100% supportive and appointments were all geared around our own availability which really helped as my husband is a company director, we had our son to look after and had to call on family to help with babysitting duties.

We’d recommend The Spire Regency Hospital to anyone looking to pay privately for fertility treatment. We had a very positive experience."

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