For a number of years, Shelia Dewhurst experienced serious discomfort. A frequent shooting pain in her cheek prevented her from being comfortable while in the presence of friends and family. Shelia decided enough was enough and came to see Spire Elland consultant Dr Vladimir Gorelov.

“About 12 or 13 years ago I suddenly developed a sharp shooting pain in the side of my cheek. It could only be described as a frequent stabbing pain. It became unbearable as it was starting to occur three or four times a day.

“I went to the local doctor's surgery and they referred me to Spire Elland Hospital. They mentioned Dr Gorelov, in particular, would be able to help with my problem. While I was there, I was prescribed pain killers to stop the pain but as the pain gradually got worse the effect wasn’t as good. Dr Gorelov was very professional in his manner in the consultation. Initially, I didn’t know what to think of him, but he’s a lovely man. He’s very straight forward and that helped diagnose the problem with ease.

“In terms of my experience, everything was fine. Nothing troubled me throughout the process. Everyone was very professional.

“My initial injection wasn’t as effective as we’d hoped. However, when I came back for a second treatment, this fixed the problem instantly. Dr Gorelov took the time to ensure that I was pain-free and wanted me to keep a track of when I was in pain. Since then I'm glad to say I’ve been pain-free. I could only describe the feeling as wonderful. The initial pain in my cheek was far worse than anything I’ve ever experienced and so I’m very relieved. I got to the point where I couldn’t converse with people due to the pain and this had a serious effect on me and thanks to Dr Gorelov I don’t have this problem now.”

Meet the consultant 

Dr Vladimir Gorelov is a Consultant in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia and has been since 2006. He has also been a visiting Instructor in Anaesthesiology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor since 2003. He specialises in neck pain, back pain and sciatica.

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