I have always been a yo-yo dieter, trying every diet going!!

I would lose some weight then put it all back on and more!!!

The problem I had was I never felt full and I had no will power.

In August 2018 year I decided to have a consultation with Mr Mannur and his nurse Claire Price, they were so helpful, understanding and caring, they explained all the procedures Mr Mannur does, and because I suffered with heartburn the one that suited me would be a gastric bypass.

I went away and discussed things with my husband, who was initially against me having surgery, Claire Price suggested that I went to a meeting that Mr Mannur patients have every other month, they discuss their journeys, the good and the bad, they support each other and have different recipes and ideas.

I went to the meeting and took my husband as well; it was very helpful and informative especially speaking to people who have already had the surgery. They were full of encouragement, and this changed my husband's view on the surgery.

On 18th August I had my surgery and I have never looked back, I feel I have my life back; it has changed my life forever.

I can walk better, I don’t get out of breath and my knees and feet don’t hurt as much, as I have arthritis.

I see Claire and Mr Mannur on a regular basis with follow up, I also attended the support group, everyone has been so helpful, I could have not asked for better treatment and support. I have also seen Gail Pinnock the Dietician.

I am now 4 months post surgery, and so far I have lost 3 stones 8lbs and come down 2 dress sizes and lost 20cm off my waist.

I cannot thank Mr Mannur and Claire enough for giving me my life back, I feel fantastic, my journey has not finished yet, and I still have a way to go but I know with their support I will achieve my goal.

Ashley Main

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