I am so happy! On 24 May 2017 I had a breast reduction to help with my self esteem, reduce back pain and overall appearance. But just over a week later I could see something wasn’t right, so I messaged this amazing nurse, Teresa, for some advice and was told to go in.

Unfortunately, I was right and I needed to go for more surgery. My body didn’t take to it very well and all sorts went wrong. (I) would like to stress, this was not my surgeons fault at all, he is incredible, knowledgeable, professional and just the best! (I) would highly recommend him! (There's a) 1% chance of this happening and it only had to happen to me didn’t it?

Due to the infections, I had to go for packing and dressings every day until September and then slowly reduced until November, when I stopped going.

On 11 July this year I went for implants. I know, how ironic - who would have thought I would of had breast implants? I had them to correct (the) shape and size and WOW, what a fantastic job Nilesh did!

Today I went for my review to see Nilesh and he was really happy - just like I am - with the results. So Nilesh, Teresa, Jane, Steph, Karen, Caroline, Bev and Sarah (and) all at Spire Harpenden who helped me through this roller coaster of emotions, I have to say it’s been an absolute pleasure dealing with you and being in your safe hands. I am so grateful for all your hard work, your time and your effort to reassure me everything will be fine and today is finally that day!

So thank you xxx

Ps Noah will miss you all hehehe

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