What I’ve learnt: Shelagh Alderson

19 January 2017

Shelagh Alderson began working at Spire Washington Hospital as a part-time physiotherapist and worked her way up to hospital director. In her current role, she has responsibility for the site’s operations and in ensuring all patients receive excellent clinical care, delivered with compassion in a safe and comfortable environment.

Never ask anyone to do anything you wouldn’t do yourself. This was the first lesson I learned from a very experienced physiotherapy department manager and it has been a good benchmark when delegating roles and responsibilities.

Be honest, fair and transparent. We put patient care at the heart of everything we do at Spire Washington Hospital.

Be calm and level headed, resilient and open to criticism when running a business.

Decisions you make must be for the long term, not just for today. In difficult or stressful situations, you need to remember the decision you make will have a knock-on effect to the business, your team and in our case, our patients, for far longer than just a day.

Never cover up an error – own up to it and then put it right. That way, people will know you are honest and you’ll gain more respect.

Don’t become complacent. Always strive to improve and to ensure you are supported by a competent, effective team. I wouldn’t be able to do my job if I didn’t have such a fantastic team around me here at the hospital.

Engage your staff. The wider senior management team and I are all approachable and encourage staff to come to us with any questions or issues. I always make sure we invest in training and development and encourage our teams to embrace the core values of Spire Healthcare.

Share good feedback and results with your team. This will empower staff to aim high and achieve success.

Above all, enjoy what you do and have fun.

Source: North East Times: http://www.netimesmagazine.co.uk/what-ive-learnt-shelagh-alderson.