Nine Spire hospitals celebrate Patient Safety Award

22 February 2018

National Joint Registry Award Logo

Nine Spire Healthcare hospitals have received a top patient safety award from health watchdogs the National Joint Registry (NJR).             

The award is in recognition of high standards of patient safety achieved in orthopaedic surgery on hips, knees, ankles, elbows and shoulders after successfully completing a national programme of local data audits and meeting a number of targets related to patient safety.

Certification is designed to offer hospitals reporting to the NJR a blueprint for reaching patient safety standards and highlights the fact that ‘better data ultimately equals better care’. 

The nine Spire Healthcare hospitals named as NJR Quality Data Providers for 2016/17 were: Spire Cambridge Lea, Spire Leicester, Spire Murrayfield Wirral, Spire Norwich, Spire Portsmouth, Spire Sussex, Spire Tunbridge Wells, Spire Washington and Spire Wellesley.

“Improving patient safety is of the utmost importance and something we all take very seriously so we are very proud that our efforts have been recognised,” said JJ De Gorter, Director of Clinical Services.

“These awards demonstrate that we are collecting the most complete and accurate information possible which helps the NJR make many of their decisions regarding quality of care and patient safety as well as overall cost effectiveness of joint replacement surgery.”

Data is collected in order to provide quality, robust evidence to support decision-making in regard to patient safety, standards in quality of care and overall cost effectiveness in joint replacement surgery.  It is currently the largest registry of its kind in the world.  

NJR Medical Director Martyn Poster said: “Registry data now provides an important source of evidence for regulators, such as the Care Quality Commission, to inform their judgements about services, as well as being a fundamental driver to inform improved quality of care for patients.

“It is clear that, for surgeons and patients alike, the necessity for quality data is an absolute requirement. This award demonstrates the high standards being met by the nine Spire Healthcare Hospitals.”