CQC rate Spire Cheshire Hospital as 'Outstanding'

22 May 2017

Spire Cheshire Hospital has just been awarded an ‘Outstanding’ rating following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission in October 2016.

CQC Inspectors carried out a rigorous examination into services offered and decided Spire Cheshire Hospital had earned an overall rating of ‘Outstanding’. The hospital received ‘Outstanding’ in three of the five categories - caring, responsive and well led - while it achieved a ‘Good’ rating in the other two categories.

The CQC inspectors made comments such as: 

  • Patients were cared for with kindness and compassion, their privacy and dignity were maintained at all times.
  • Patient outcomes were positive and exceeded benchmarks for similar services. The hospital measured their performance to identify how they could improve.
  • The environment across the hospital was visibly clean and well maintained and the hospital had low levels of healthcare related infections.
  • The hospital championed a proactive approach to raising standards and seeking hospital improvements.
  • The hospital was managed by a visible, competent and enthusiastic team who placed patient care as central to their success.

Hospital Director and Registered Manager, Verlie Brazel, said she was absolutely delighted with the rating which was ‘a credit to everyone at the hospital’.  

“The CQC inspection really is crucial to us as a hospital and for us to get an overall ‘Outstanding’ rating is something we are all very proud of. 

"It demonstrates a very strong performance from staff across the whole hospital with the consistent delivery of high standards of care throughout.

"From housekeeping and catering to admin staff, nurses and consultants, everyone should take great pride in this achievement.”

The inspectors also praised hospital staff for their ‘flexible approach to working during times of high demand’ and were ‘extremely motivated and proud to deliver care that was of high quality and effective’.

Hospital Matron Dan West added: “I have always known we had a great team here – not just the nurses but throughout the entire hospital – and this result just confirms that.

"It’s great to receive such recognition and I actually think it will spur us on to even better things in the future.”

Click here to read the full report on the CQC website