Management Information reporting

Take control of your pathology activity to achieve cost efficiencies.

Providing accurate and meaningful Management Information (MI) is a vital element of our service to our clinical commissioning and larger clients. Our MI Reporting service provides tailored analysis of pathology activity to help understand your overall spend and volumes to calculate a cost per unit.

We strive to deliver focused and timely MI solutions for our clients, whatever their individual requirements and complexity.

How our reporting makes a difference

We can monitor the scale and nature of your pathology activity so you can gain cost efficiencies.

About Management Information Reporting

For our clients, Spire Pathology Services can create a report for every instance of blood collected for analysis - often collating multiple results across an organisation. Our data interrogation capability draws and collates information from a variety of databases to provide key information for our clients.

The information collected and presented is bespoke to the client. It can include the clinician who ordered the tests, the tests they ordered, where they are based as well as SPS analysis such as if we are meeting are turnaround targets.

We have also harmonised database interaction to enable simultaneous data analysis.

The results are accessible online via email and allows commissioners to gain understanding and control over their pathology spend and volume.

Benefits of our MI Reporting

With the MI we can provide insight in usage of the service by geographical location, requesting consultants and frequency, information on what test(s) were requested and other factors that may be of relevance to our clients. 

It gives customer's transparency, actionable insights and control over their pathology activity. Our MI Report allows our clients  to monitor and analyse their spending patterns, with a potential view to consolidate their pathology activity to achieve cost effectiveness and make decisions about their supply chain. 

Spire Pathology Portal

For all our customers, Spire Pathology Services provides a secure, online results service enabling access to laboratory results with confidence at a time that suits you and your staff. Our web-based reporting facility provides industry-leading fast turnaround times and reduces administration costs.

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