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Accessing Our Services

  • Arranging an allergy test for yourself

    If you would like to be tested for any allergies you will need to speak to your GP, specialist, or nutritionist, or contact us for more information. If your doctor or specialist uses the Spire Immunology Reference Laboratory to conduct the analysis they will have access to a huge range of advanced allergy tests.


    Arranging allergy tests for patients

    Patient request form

    We require a patient request form for each patient and that both the form and sample are fully completed. The patient request form must include at least three unique patient identifiers:

    1. Forename and surname
    Date of birth
    3. Hospital/clinic number &/or first line of the patients address.

    Date and time of sample collection, relevant clinical information, current medication and the contact details of the requesting clinician must also be included on the request form. If you should require additional tests on samples already sent to the laboratory please contact us on 0116 265 3018.

    Spire Pathology provides a specific allergy request form.
    Click here to download the Patient Request Form

    Samples are stored as recommended by the Royal College of Pathologists. Laboratory staff will be able to provide advice on the quality of stored samples for further testing if necessary. Spire Pathology provides a specific allergy request form.

    Click here for the patient request form

  • Specimen requirements

    Research has identified that there are no significant differences in results using either serum or plasma (these include EDTA-, Heparin, Citrate- or SST Gel plasma) from venous or capillary blood. However the use of SST Gel vacutainers is preferred.

    Note: All samples should be handled as potentially hazardous.

    Sample stability
    Samples are stable for several days at room temperature and for at least sevens days at +2 to +8 °C.

    Read about specimen requirements

  • Specimen collection and postal pathology

    Specimen Collection
    Spire Pathology Services provide several methods of sample transport. Samples taken at a Spire Hospital will be transported to the reference laboratory using the DX secure specimen delivery service, however we also provide a dedicated courier service at many of our locations. Please contact the IRL for further information.

    DX Details: Spire Leicester Hospital (Pathology)
    DX Number: 6770602
    DX Exchange: OADBY 90 LE, Leicester, LE2 2FF

    Postal Pathology
    Spire Pathology Services provide a simple and convenient freepost service. For further information about postal pathology please contact the IRL for further information.

    Freepost: Immunology Reference Laboratory

    Read about specimen collection and postal pathology

  • Patient results service

    Spire Pathology Services have a number of IT solutions, including electronic links to other Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS), to General Practitioners Patient Administration Systems (PAS) and a secure internet-based laboratory results solution allowing access to patient results over the internet 24/7.

    Read about patient results service

  • Pathology consumables

    Spire Pathology Services provide a range of consumables including blood tubes, request forms, sample bags, as well as a range of postal packs including Pathoshield.

    All necessary consumables can be obtained from the IRL, please telephone the laboratory on 0116 265 3018 or fax 0116 265 3683 or email

    Read about pathology consumables

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