Important – inSpire products and April UK

The insurer used by April UK to underwrite the inSpire product has decided to exit the UK market. April UK are working with Spire to ensure a smooth transition to an alternative arrangement. In the meantime, our primary concern is to ensure this change does not affect inSpire policy holders.

Alternative arrangements are in place with AXA PP for those policy holders who are looking to renew or buy a new policy.

Q: April UK have pulled out of the UK market. How does this affect my inSpire policy?

A: April UK is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is therefore obligated to honour all claims subject to the terms of the policies. Claims will be processed normally and policy holders can expect the same great service they received before the decision was taken by April’s insurers.

Contact April UK on 0800 028 0849 / 01454 619 500 (Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm excluding public holidays) if you have any questions or concerns about your inSpire policy.

Q: My inSpire policy is coming up for renewal - what happens now?

A: If your inSpire policy was taken out through a broker, you can contact AXA PPP healthcare on 0800 3282 198

If you took out your inSpire policy directly with us, and would like to find out more about the new policy, please call one of AXA PPP’s dedicated helplines:

  • If you hold an Individual (or family) policy call 0800 678 1690
  • If you hold a company policy call 0800 085 3564