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Women's Health Unit

Spire Gatwick Park Hospital

The Specialist Menopause and Menstrual Problem Centre

  • The Specialist Menopause and Menstrual Problem Centre which offers a modern, discreet and personalised service for women who require advice and treatment for female health problems.  The Centre is based at the Spire Gatwick Park Hospital which provides high quality contemporary private out-patient and day case facilities.    The director of the Centre is consultant gynaecologist Matthew Long MD FRCOG.

    The centre offers support and therapies for women complaining of menstrual dysfunction and climacteric related conditions including direct menopausal symptoms and issues encountered using HRT as well as urogenital atrophic, urinary and pelvic floor problems. The service is able to offer proven up-to-date and effective therapies to optimise treatment outcomes for these conditions.

    Menstrual Dysfunction

    • Personalised assessment of the condition
    • Endocrine screening
    • Pelvic ultrasound imaging
    • Advice about medical therapies and contraception
    • Endometrial sampling
    • Insertion of Mirena IUS
    • Out patient local anaesthetic hysteroscopy
    • Day case endometrial ablation utilising Novasure technique


    • Personalised assessment of menopausal, urinary, pelvic floor conditions
    • Endocrine screening
    • Lifestyle advice and self help measures
    • Pelvic and bladder ultrasound imaging
    • Advice about hormonal and non-hormonal treatments
    • Out patient local anaesthetic hysteroscopy and cystoscopy

    Our Philosophy

    The philosophy of the Centre is to provide information for women in order for them to make considered choices about their treatments. Assessment of the condition together with any initial screening and imaging is provided at the first appointment. An individualised plan of care is then formulated and any further investigations or treatment such as out patient hysteroscopy or endometrial ablation arranged.

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The Women’s Health Unit
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