Mr John McKinley, Orthopaedic Surgeon

MBChB BMSc(Hons) FRCS(Orth)

The scarf osteotomy has five components that are performed through one or two incisions in the foot.

Initially, one of the tight ligaments on the opposite side of the bunion is released. Then the bunion is shaved. Following this the metatarsal bone is cut and adjusted to narrow the foot and realign the joint.

A small screw is placed in the bone at this time to provide solid fixation. After this a fine wedge of bone is removed from the phalanx bone to straighten the toe. This is called an ‘akin osteotomy’ and a small staple is used to hold the bone in place.

Finally the joint capsule is tightened where it had been stretched by the bunion and the skin is closed. The metalwork does not need to be removed.

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