Mr John McKinley, Orthopaedic Surgeon

MBChB BMSc(Hons) FRCS(Orth)

Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Minimally invasive bunion surgery has become popular in the UK over the past couple of years, although it has been practiced in some centres in Europe for some time. The aim is to perform standard bunion surgery through small keyholes, so causing less tissue damage and therefore a reduction in swelling. This procedure also minimises pain and reduces recovery times. The techniques have been refined and now have been proven in trials to give equivalent or better outcomes than traditional open surgery.

The keyhole procedure uses similar techniques to the traditional method but rather than being performed with open surgery, the whole procedure is carried out through tiny incisions. This means there is much less tissue being disturbed and therefore there is less swelling and minimal scarring after surgery. The operation is often performed as a day-case procedure which means patients often return home on the day of surgery with no overnight hospital stay required.

The technique is also very useful in straightening hammer and curly toes, and to remove bony spurs seen in Hallux rigidis.

Mr McKinley was one of the first surgeons in Scotland to carry out this procedure.

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