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Back and neck pain clinic

  • A large number of people in the UK suffer with neck or back pain which impacts their activities on a daily basis. At the Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence we understand the importance of an accurate diagnosis and efficient management of your symptoms so that you can return to your daily life free of pain. We pride ourselves on providing specialist spinal care with some of South Wales’ leading spinal consultants. 

    Our consultants

    All of our spinal specialists are fellowship-trained orthopaedic consultants who have met stringent standards to become part of our Centre of Excellence. They have a wealth of experience from holding specialist NHS posts and deliver expertise in spinal surgery.

    Why choose us?

    Our Centre of Excellence approach is simple. We proudly deliver superior service through three core values - clinical quality, education and research.

    Our specialist multi-disciplinary team understand the complexities of neck and back pain. The team includes highly skilled shoulder surgeons, physiotherapists and diagnosticians who work in unison to offer high quality, bespoke care.

    The Centre of Excellence is fully integrated with our Perform Cardiff expert physiotherapy team who use internationally recognised techniques for neck and back recovery to ensure your rehabilitation plan is successful and you are ready to go home as soon as possible.

    As a private hospital, we understand the importance of delivering excellent customer care and aim to work flexibly with you to choose appointments and procedure timings to suit your needs.


    To diagnose your back pain we offer numerous diagnostic investigations including MRI, CT scan and back pain investigation (discography).

    Not all back or neck pain requires surgical intervention which is why we offer a wide range of conservative treatment options including Perform physiotherapy and a pain management clinic to meet the needs of all patients. Some pain management treatments include pain management injections for back and facet jointsand epidural injections.

    If required, our spinal specialists perform a high volume of spinal surgery and all procedures use advanced techniques which are performed in our state of the art laminar flow theatre’s which reduces the risk of infection.

    How do I book?

    To book an appointment call our out-patient appointments team on 029 2073 1112 or for more information about our Centre of Excellence and spinal procedures contact 029 2054 2509.


Click on the links below to visit the professional profiles of our specialist spinal surgeons.

Mr Sashin Ahuja 
Mr Alwyn Jones
Mr Abraham Thomas
Mr Stuart James

Our spinal neuro-surgeons

Mr Ravindra Nannapaneni 
Mr Muhammad Imran Bhatti 

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