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Pro Motion Dynamics

  • Pro Motion Dynamics is a specialist company based here at Spire Cardiff Hospital, Wales. We provide bike fitting services, performance testing, posture analysis and coaching to clients of all ability levels (elite to novice performers).

    Our fitters have professional qualifications and expertise in physiotherapy and sport science. We pride ourselves on maintaining up to date knowledge and skills so you can receive the best service possible whether you ride on the road or on the trails for competitive or leisure purposes.

    Bike Fitting
    Bike fitting looks at the body and bike. It is designed to optimise how a cyclist’s biomechanics function relative to their bike. It incorporates analysis of both the cyclist and the bike set-up.

    We provide two levels of bike fit:

    Level 1 – Basic Bike Fit - £75
    The level 1 basic bike fit is aimed at cyclists who require guidance on an optimal bike position and/or those who would like to ‘dip’ their toe into the world of bike fitting. We focus on your body functionality to ensure your bike fit is specific to you.

    Level 2 – Advanced Bike Fit - £175
    The level 2 bike fit is our recommended choice for all cyclists because we provide you with a systematic and comprehensive service. This level incorporates whatever is required to get you in the most powerful, comfortable and efficient position. The fitting process includes detailed postural assessments to check rider flexibility and strength as well as functional movement capabilities off and on the bike.

    Our bike fit is tailored to your body mechanics and we use our knowledge and expertise to create the decisions for the most optimal position. We also use computer and video analysis software and carbon pressure analysis to assist us with the bike fit process.

    Cleat and Pedal Interface Analysis – £75
    Cleat positioning and the pedal interface is very important for cyclists but it is often overlooked as part of the bike fitting process. You need to have your cleats fitted to your shoes in an effective position because without it then you are likely to experience pain, discomfort, injuries and/or you won’t be getting the most enjoyment from riding your bike. For instance, knee tracking is often compromised due to biomechanical and anatomical deficiencies of the foot (although the feet are not the only factor in this equation).

    At Pro Motion Dynamics we understand its importance and provide cleat and pedal interface analysis as an independent service.

    Performance Testing
    Performance testing should be carried out at periodic stages throughout the season. The information gathered from a performance test can help you understand whether the correct physiological adaptations are occurring in response to your training or whether adjustments need to be made in order to improve your performance.

    We do the following tests:
    Functional Threshold Power Test – £40
    Critical Power Profile – £70
    MAP RAMP Test – £40
    Maximum Heart Rate Tests – £40

    Lab Based Sport Science Testing - for details and costs call Dr Andy Berry on 07789515245 

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