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Isokinetic clinic

  • Spire Cardiff Hospital is a leading private provider in rehabilitation, we strive to ensure our patient have access to leading diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. As part of our service proposition we are proud to offer patient access to our Isokinetic service. This allows physiotherapists and consultants the opportunity to refer patients for analysis of muscle strength and performance, which can be undertaken on many areas, most frequently the knees, shoulders and ankles.   This is important in most types of rehabilitation as it will allow the physiotherapist or consultant to be able to establish the quality of muscle contraction and therefore build a rehabilitation programme that is individual for your recovery.

    This option would benefit many everyday people. Whether you’re recovering from an operation or looking to return to normal activity following an injury, having an isokinetic test will allow your physiotherapist to plan your rehabilitation specifically for you. We have often used this diagnostic technology to treat leading sports people, such as the Cardiff Blues rugby players, to aid their return to playing and have had very positive outcomes.

    This service is offered as an adjunct to the established physiotherapy service within the Centre of Excellence, and supports the ethos of patient rehabilitation. The clinic is predominantly held by our Physiotherapists Andy Berry, Charlotte, Perry or Katy Gilvear. Our physiotherapists work both in the inpatient and outpatient departments where their roles include pre and post-operative orthopaedic rehabilitation and general musculoskeletal conditions. The team work closely with the physiotherapists to discuss results and can support player rehabilitation using the Isokinetic machine where appropriate.

    To arrange an initial appointment with a physiotherapists call us on 029 2073 1112 who will assess your suitability for Isokinetic testing.    

Sam Warburton undergoing Isokinetic testing to help assess his fitness to play. 

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